Interview with Self-Care Enthusiast

I interviewed Lisa Fox, a successful entrepreneur, who started her exercise studio on November 2nd, 1999. Since 1999, hundreds of clients have walked into Lisa’s studio and several of her clients have been with her since 1999. Lisa always knew that she wanted to start her own exercise studio due to the empowerment she derives from exercising. She wants to help others feel the same positive and liberating feelings that she feels from exercising.

I discovered Lisa after remembering that over the summer a close friend told me she took a new exercise class. I remembered my friend telling me how much she loved the workout because she was able to de-stress after a stressful week at work. Upon getting information about Lisa from my friend, I read about Lisa’s creation of the “Fox Method” on her website.  The Fox method is directly correlated with the mind, body, and soul connection. It includes a combination of ballet barre technique, core training, cardiac conditioning, pilates, and yoga. The method focuses on all aspects of the body, which in turn helps the mind remain focused and in the moment.

Lisa told me that she originally created the “Fox Method” as a way to get the results she wanted from exercise. Lisa’s goals were to have a fit body in terms of strength, flexibility, endurance. As she can began to share the “Fox Method” with her clients she noticed how well her clients responded to the exercise. She attributes this to her clients feeling in the moment during the exercise. Due to the focus the method requires, clients are able to connect their “mind to muscles” and vice versa. This enables clients to have a better workout because they are in a “flow” which allows them to keep a steady pace while working out. Furthermore, this “flow” allows an individual to clear their head and thus making it easier to disconnect from the everyday stressors of life. When one of Lisa’s clients feel particularly stressed, she tries her best to keep that client completely consumed and focused in the workout. She does this by having the whole class take a breath and moving at a high pace, which enables engagement. In Lisa’s exercise class, the “mind, body, and soul” connection is achieved through extreme focus in the workout. This enables clients to clear their head which helps the mind and soul feel fulfilled and clear.

Lisa also touched on the “mind, body, and soul” connection through self-care outside of the exercise studio. She said that in addition to exercising frequently it is very important to sleep well, eat foods with minimal sugar, and engage in joyful activities. Lisa always reminds herself that It is okay to say no to others for her own happiness. The energy that is derived from self-care outside of the studio will nourish the connection and positively carry over to the exercise studio. The “mind, body, and soul” connection is a cycle that is constantly moving.

Through my interview with Lisa, I learned about the power of networks and observation. It just happened to be that my friend mentioned she tried a new workout class and loved it. When thinking about holistic living, I randomly remembered this conversation which lasted only about thirty seconds at the time. I would have never found Lisa had I not been engaged in the conversation with my friend. Lisa was the perfect example of an entrepreneur who is passionate about spreading the “mind, body, and soul” connection. As evident by my experience, networks are only useful if an individual is constantly scanning and paying attention to opportunities in the environment.

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About Jaclyn

My name is Jaclyn Trachtenberg and I am a 23 year old senior at Muhlenberg College. I am a psychology major with a minor in Political Science. I have enjoyed my studies so far and believe that I have gotten a well-rounded education at Muhlenberg. I grew up in Englewood, NJ with my parents and three siblings (one sibling being my twin!). I love fashion, sushi, and playing tennis.

When I think about what has molded me into the person I am today multiple people and events come to mind. However, most of all I believe my passion to help others and Jewish roots have shaped me into the person I am today. These two elements of my life always influence my decisions; good and bad. I feel motivated and challenged everyday to live my best life using the values of Judaism and acting kind by helping others. My passion about these two topics have prompted my interest in social justice. I want to help those who are in need of support, as well as positively contribute to society.

Furthermore, I am extremely passionate about the mind, body, and soul connection. I am a strong advocate for the holistic lifestyle, which involves self-care. Too often individuals forgot to take care of themselves, as they are so busy taking care of people in their-inner circles. The act of ignoring one’s self will only lead to negativity, as the “mind, body, and soul” connection will be ignored. In order to focus on this connection and exhibit self-care, one must live a healthy lifestyle. This involves eating the right foods, meditation, working out, self-care, and more. Although I sometimes fall short, I focus on the “mind, body, and soul” connection within me daily. This has made me a happier person and has taught me that is okay to indulge in myself. In a society where there is so much negativity, I want to help others be more positive by embracing the “mind, body, and soul connection.” I hope in my entrepreneurial journey I can combine my love of helping people, the virtues of Judaism, and self-care into some type of service or product.